Is Outsourcing Web Development Services to India a great Idea?

Outsourcing Web Development

A question that a lot of people ask before they Outsource Web Development Services to India. Let’s find out the answer in this tiny blog space.

Websites! I’m sure, we all know how crucial it is to boost our business prospects. Hence, it is really important to have a background check about the firm and then delegate our project. Technology is growing at the speed of light and so is India establishing itself in the field of Technology. Of lately, India Space mission- ISRO has set a record of launching 20 satellites at a stroke, must say India has got a lot of talent. Outsource Web Development Services to India and we’ll make sure that we provide you ministrations that will surpass your expectations. Believe in us and we will at no point disappoint you.

The Web Developers India have a proper qualification that entitles them to take it as a career option and prosper. There are plenitude of companies in India that provide internship to the developers where they work under pros to polish their skills and then work as a Website Programmer. While Outsourcing, if you are still in doubt you can personally have a talk with the developers and question them and only after you are convinced you can go ahead with the deal. India was, is and will always be known as a land of “golden bird”, delivering golden and stellar services in every field.

Silicon Valley is a top-notch IT firm in India that caters exemplary Mobile and Web Development Services. We adopt the conventional techniques to build Websites such as Photoshop, Illustrator, Dream Weaver, HTML 5, & CSS 3 and tools such as PHP/MySQL & ASP.NET. The Web Developers at Silicon Valley are also adept at employing open-source software such as WordPress, Joomla, Magento, Drupal, and Shopify. Silicon assures to provide ace services at an exceptionally reasonable price while ensuring you with the blissful tour of India’s Web Development Service.


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Joomla! A Well-established CMS

Joomla! A Well-established CMS

The demand of Web Applications has escalated at a colossal scale. There is umpteen number of software available in the market that can help us develop flawless websites. To name a few we have Magento, Drupal, WordPress, Joomla, etc. that the developers employ in order to furnish web apps for their clients. Each software has its set of pros and cons, but in this blog let us have a look at the positives of Joomla and why it is the “trusted” software by the programmers.

  • It is an open-source framework, therefore, easily available.
  • It is easy to install, configure and employ.
  • The framework is available for free, hence it becomes cost-effective.
  • The multiple extensions enable it to manage ample sub-pages.
  • The homepage has Variety of plugins.
  • It helps develop user-friendly websites that lead to great SEO ranking.
  • Updates for the latest versions available.
  • It empowers to edit the content, images, multimedia, structuring and contriving vital information.
  • Joomla runs productively on Windows, Linux, MacOSX server, FreeBSD, AIX, and Solaris.
  • Maintaining a website designed using Joomla framework is no rocket science.

Silicon Valley- a notorious Web Development firm in India, has a pool of pros efficient in using Joomla- an open-source Content Management System Framework. We suggest our clients develop Websites using Joomla as it provides a great platform for the business to prosper. Our diligent team of Joomla Programmers are proficient and will cater services as per the client’s requirement, at an economical price.

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MEAN Stack plus SaaS- A stupendous blend

mean stack programmer india

Single-page apps have generated a lot of buzz in the IT industry, for they provide a smooth, versatile and a responsive web applications. The best platform for creating SPA is MEAN Stack, an acronym for, MongoDB, Express Framework, AngularJS, and Node JS. This Stack acts a great advantage for the developers as it lets them use just one data model using JSON and BSON, which ensures that the MEAN Stack Developer can easily shift between the four frameworks and carry out the task easily and impeccably.

Further, SaaS, as we all know, stands for Software as a Service, that enables the programmers to assemble application servers and databases the way Full Stack Programmer has been asked to create. This service is perfect for cloud and hybrid cloud environment plus it makes materializing servers and software very easy.

The blend of MEAN Stack and SaaS is apt for web apps because the MEAN Stack framework can be dexterously stowed into the cloud. As both of them are felicitous for cloud/hybrid cloud environment Web Applications can be deftly furnished and can be employed for creating exquisite servers and database that makes SPA Development very swift and smooth.

Outsource MEAN Stack Web Development Solutions to Silicon Valley and we assure you to develop apps that are secure and provides a fluid user experience. We guarantee to provide ace services at a nominal price.

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WordPress, Magento, Joomla, Drupal- Obsolete and prone to Malicious Coding?

CMS_Development silicon valley

The answer to the question in the title is a big “YES”. Let’s find how and the possible solution for this problem.

We are frequently educated about the professionals of an item, yet it is sometimes that we are educated about the cons of an item. Give this blog a chance to be a medium to investigate the opposite side of the four most famous CMS – WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, and Magento.

The majority of us may consider making a website utilizing one of this product or might have as of now made one. However, have we ever addressed how frequently are the CMS programming redesigned? In the event that yes, then you have brought up an incredible issue, yet in the event that No, it’s the ideal opportunity for you to think. It is truly essential to realize that one, as well as all the major persuasive brands are outdated.

Not being overhauled all the time makes them inclined to phishing making it a noxious programming. According to the most recent revelation, the programmers manufactured a fake code for JQuery JavaScript and are utilizing this library they are attempting to infuse code that is open of malware. The subject of has transformed into a web of a malevolent structure that requires earnest consideration. The guests and the proprietors of the website don’t become acquainted with if the website is tainted or not as the fake script can be seen just in the source code. The WordPress Development and Joomla Developers, the Drupal and Magento Programmers, can help you deal with the issue as they can examine the source code and help you by giving the best arrangements.

Having expounded on the burden of the significant CMS programming, shouldn’t prevent us from utilizing them, as each and everything has its side of points of interest and weaknesses. There are focal points also that help us increase our endeavor. Despite the fact that it may sound a banality, however the truth of the matter is, there’s an answer for each issue and Silicon Valley is the issue solver. You can Outsource Web Development Services to Silicon Valley to guarantee a protected Website and in the event that, there are any phishing, malware or vindictive hitch our group will make a prompt move to secure your protection and eliteness.

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The SIX Reasons of eCommerce platform – Magento

The SIX Reasons of  eCommerce platform - Magento

1. Open Source!

In past times worth remembering, you would contact a web development company and they would manufacture you a site. Their code would be created beginning from the soonest arrange, totally bespoke and custom for your requirements. Furthermore, that is fine, aside from that the greater part of your financial plan would be spent on things like installment handling coordination, posting pages, shopping baskets etc. Besides, the occasion that you expected to run separate courses with your picked web dev association, you’d have to find someone else who may will to accept control over their system – if you were allowed to continue using it by any methods.

With Open Source, hundreds (now and then thousands) of developers cooperate on a task, making the code accessible for nothing to any individual who needs to utilize it. It is kept up, oversaw, advanced and enhanced by those same developers. What’s more, that implies you spend no cash re-imagining the wheel, fabricating another shopping basket or taking care of installments through Paypal. Instead of smoldering through money on the essentials, you can concentrate on building a site that addresses your group. Besides, the occasion that you run separate courses with one Magento Development Company, whatever other Magento organization can expect control in a blast.

2. Multi-site, Single Install

Need to run four shops with the same thing? Need to use particular money related structures on each one? Need to keep stock in a condition of amicability over each one of them? Additionally, need to do that without hoping to develop and keep up four differing codebases? Try not to stress over it, Magento does that on account of the holder.

3. Easy to Extend

Most stages permit you to amplify their usefulness with modules, augmentations or additional items. Not very many do it and in addition Magento Development India. Growthes work within their own “space” in the code of your site, which implies impedance between extensions is phenomenal. Augmentations are anything but difficult to update, empower, cripple or cover up, and most permit you to control who can get to the expansion inside your administrator region.

4. SEO-Friendly

All e-commerce frameworks require a few changes out of the container. That is inescapable – web indexes are changing their calculations and positioning criteria about continually, and programming requires significant investment to overhaul. Nevertheless, Magento starts particularly especially without a doubt – reasonable URLs (with canonicalisation warmed in), meta name control, site maps, mind boggling position structure in the default points, and even versatile welcoming in the later structures. Moreover, if that is deficient, there are a great deal of free and paid developments you can grab to change every piece of your site’s SEO tries.

5. Scalable

The vast majority don’t expect for their e-business shop to keep with it size. The point is dependably to develop the client base, prepare more requests, draw in more movement. In any case, not each framework becomes micely or easily as your store increments in size. Magento Developers India is attempted to scale, and it does all things considered amazingly. You can start with a lone server, and stretch out as you need to – another web server here, a pile balancer there, and with no convincing motivation to change code or plan for an extensive time allotment or days of downtime.

6. Rich in Features

Magento joins a bewildering display of segments out of the holder, from a wide get to control system to email format organization, content page modifying, various money related principles, charge zones, customer assembling and assembling discounts, versatile uncommon offer esteeming and an enormous collection of portion suppliers, shipping procedures and an expansive Programming interface. Besides, it doesn’t support out of the compartment can be incorporated through the unfathomable Magento Development Interface growth business focus.

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php-development-services - silicon valley

PHP is part of the most known programming language for website development. It is used mainly because of its easy embodiment in the html which enables it as a server slide script language. It’s a versatile language that can build and create diverse websites,eCommerce stores quickly in a row. Picking an expert and gifted PHP development company USA, UK, Australia, India company is testing. For fruitful task finishing the demonstrated methodology and the best technology frameworks required. Also, for that I prescribe employing proficient and keen developer who can deal with the differentiated needs of the business enterprises in the best possible manner.

Here are Things Need to Keep in Mind before Outsourcing:

Well-defined criteria and Quantifiable objectives:fairly detailed description of things that need to be done.

Determine the offshore PHP expert developer: either going for a freelancer or a cooperate body to do the job. Procuring an individual master could be a lower cost however unsafe, as there is inclination he/she can be gotten into some issue which could imperil the whole venture. Participate body could be very costly yet it guarantees proficient security. Either of the two categories you choose, should have technically sound & professional team of PHP developers India.

Examine their PHP skills:examine the skills and accreditation of the one you want to choose, demand for their certification and skills. Cross-examine them thoroughly in the interview sessions regarding the specific skills required for the project and be sure they have dedicated staff that is well up-to-date with the latest development in the technology to meet with your preference.

Assess their pass records:assess their feedback on the past performance especially in PHP projects to be sure they have well-defined maintenance tasks. If former clients have good recommendation about them, you will also get benefited from their skills too.

Above mentioned tips give you headwayto Successfully Outsource PHP Development. A PHP Developer would be able to deliver your projects on time with the promised quality without breaking the bank for you.

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Benefits of WordPress Development Services

wordpress developers silicon valley

WordPress is a element rich, capable open source eCommerce plan that offers organizations hard and fast versatility and control over the substance, appearance, and usefulness of their eStore. Its instinctual organization interface contains exceptional showcasing and substance administration mechanical assemblies to give the traders the capacity to make locales that are redone to their striking business needs. Totally versatile and supported by a wide reinforce framework, WordPress offers associations the essential eCommerce plan. WordPress Development USA, UK, Australia, India gives boundless conceivable outcomes.

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