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5 Best Open Source CMS eCommerce

The open source CMS has rendered the fundamental ways IT by connecting its developers, thus making it a steady, intuitive and one of the most extensively used software in the history of IT industry. Open source CMS technology lets you observe and develop the source code easily. Because of this features, it has been equipped with high level of performance, reliability and security for its users. Moreover, it greatly reduces the cost of ownership because of “No License”. The users have always found it as a flexible way that has left behind many technologies.

This technology has greatly influenced the ecommerce platform. It gives a user-friendly interface that makes the ecommerce startup businesses a lot easier without any hassles. So, today we will be sharing with you some great resources of open source CMS ecommerce. Here are 10 of the best Open Source CMS Ecommerce for you.

1) Ubercart

It is an enhanced Drupal module that is spread through your project page on On you can easily come across some new installs and updates. Following are the necessary modules for Ubercart 3:

  • Rules
  • Views
  • Entity API
  • Entity Tokens.
  • Google Analytics.
  • Tokens




Spree is a great open source CMS ecommerce solution that has been designed with the Ruby on the rails. Sean Schofield is the developer of SPREE, and now he has a team that manages the entire platform.


You can find some handy tools inside SPREE that are managed with one repository and documented in one set of online documentation. Here are some important things that SPREE requires:

  • SPREE_Frontend
  • SPREE_Backend

3) TomatoCart

The TomatoCart is an exclusive multi-responsive bootstrap template that has been tested for IE7, Firefox and Google Chrome. It comes with cool new features that are:

  • Usage of Bootstrap CSS Framework that is supported by both mobile and desktop browsers.
  • It is compatible with IE7, Firefox and Chrome.
  • Also includes the jQuery v1.9.1 that further supports the Bootstrap Components
  • It is capable of replacing the noobslide with the Bootstrap slideshow easily.


Additionally there are upgrade mootools, multiple drop down menu, grid layout support, adding sales and a featured banner and the grid list.

4) Hero-eCommerce

The Hero-ecommerce is an advanced CMS that lets you create an integrated online subscription billing, online store, coupons and members-only content access area. You can also add the payment gateway. By far, Hero-ecommerce is one of the most appealing CMS platforms for ecommerce owners.


5) nopCommerce

Another open source ecommerce technology where you’ll come across catalog fronted and the administrative tools at the backend. It allows you to customize the shopping cart easily with its stable and highly utilizable platform.


It is based on ASP.NET along with MS SQL 2008 database. The nopCommerce has received over 1.5 million downloads so far. The tool is perfectly suited for merchants with a user-friendly interface.

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5 Best Web Design Layout Trends for 2015

The web features transformed a lot during the last 10 years, and while doing so it hasn’t transformed in any way. In the event that many of us search back decades, many of us will discover which the net experienced an extremely typical structure pattern at work over the bulk of sites. This specific go-to pattern consisted of any header, footer, sidebar and content material area. It was the particular envisioned structure of the net. Concurrently, we have risen regarding Macromedia Display that afforded solution to a time regarding change layouts. Templates of which didn’t stay with this kind of strict method. And of course with all the implosion regarding Display this approach pale for the little bit and my spouse and I set out for the little bit, given it is actually back having a vengeance.

When you review one of the numerous well-known free galleries featuring present web page design you’ll no doubt discover that education framework for internet pages is actually not repaired. It can contract and modify for you to everything it needs to be. This specific I think is among the greatest uncomfortable side effects responsive web page design features developed. The newest usual the way it had been, is actually of which there is apparently absolutely no repaired method in any way.

Whatever you find the following is an appealing blend of movements and uncommon web design Layout that will ideally encourage you to definitively measure the basic constructions you’re deciding on web page design. Let’s plunge within and take a look 5 Best Web Design Layout Trends for 2015.

Split Screens

In this category we find a selection of sites that all split the screen using a vertical divide. There are perhaps many reasons to do this, and in surveying many samples of this type I have found two main reasons.

The first is that at times a design can really have two primary elements of equal importance. A common approach to web design is to rank things in order of importance. This importance is then reflected in the hierarchy and structure of the design.

split-screen 1

But what if you actually have two things to promote? This approach allows you to give prominence to them both and allow the user to rapidly select between them.



No Chrome

One of many aspects found in Outsource Web Development is generally that contains aspects: containers, beds and borders, forms along with canisters coming from all kinds helpful to divide the content of a website apart. Consider a stereotypical header where the aspects are generally perfectly covered along with lost in the information. A typical trend now’s to remove involves further Firefox. This is a smart strategy, but it really will go an action further and it has several fascinating twists along the way.


Here we all discover that the content can be drastically highlighted by eliminating virtually any perception of a header as well as the footer. As an alternative to looking for a header 1st, an individual see the brand from the corporation and also an apparent statement as to what that they carry out (and in which that they carry out it). Accompanied by the key nav. precisely what a great way to highlight the actual manufacturer previous to receiving visitors to get around. That tends to make an elegant circulation. Oddly enough because you scroll the actual web site obtains a header along with a little Firefox. A good looking along with efficient web design layout that works by using the actual routine within the uplifting approach.



Modular or Grid Based

Upcoming up we’ve got layouts designed in modular or even grid-like structures. Inside these kind of designs just about every module is intended to be able to bend based on the monitor measurement. This particular isn’t specifically a new method, however the benefits regarding receptive web site design offers caused it to be much more practical. This particular hints at the convenient layouts one can possibly produce with jacks like Masonry. This particular illustration flawlessly demonstrates the idea. The style is totally receptive. Because the monitor measurement has changed just about every module adapts and also styles to install the place. Simply by splitting the place uniformly it is less complicated to give the pattern adapt. And they find bonus factors pertaining to bringing out the core part (at more substantial monitor sizes) that breaks the particular inflexible hindrances among web template modules.


How big the particular web template modules range to be able to reflect the particular order of importance and it’s devoted to the particular hierarchy. A possibility of the modular method usually creates everything a similar measurement, which means you’re certainly not putting an emphasis on anything. In contrast, this illustration plainly presents significance towards the principal component.

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10 Common Web Design Mistakes That Need to Avoid

When you are setting up your personal website, it surely is a good idea and perfect for money-strapped entrepreneurs. Design is something that is very much important for your growing business, and most of the times you or any other website owner may neglect it. So, having your business online will get visitors and they will judge it by the layout, style and design. Of course, every business needs customers, but if you have just stepped into the market, why would they trust you when there are big brands? But, you can still capture them within a few seconds with a good impression of your website.

Even a minor detail can make a huge change, but they should be evaluated with care and also fixed in order to build up trust among your customers. When your customers/visitors are satisfied with your website you’ll generate revenue. Well, still there are many common mistakes that website owners make. Here are 10 Common Web Design Mistakes That Need to Avoid.

1) Improper Use of Template

This is one of the biggest and top mistakes that most of the newbies make. Template may not be condoned for large businesses, but for small or the bootstrapped startups they are necessary. So, if you have chosen a theme, you should consider hiring a designer in order to customize it properly. Moreover, the template should be responsive and multi-purpose.

outsource web development 1

Websites that have pre-built template have a weak visual connection between the logo and the website. The logo should have colors that aren’t repeated on the website, and even the font should be unique.

2) Using a Default Bootstrap Look

It is another big mistake of using a default bootstrap layout for your business. Because you aren’t fooling by using Open Sans, and it can be hard to differentiate between the website using a similar design. This factor can affect the trust of your brand.

A great Giveaway that the Outsource web Development is built with a Bootstrap is Font Awesome. It has been trendy because of the exhaustive library of many icons that demand a consistent visual language. You can use it for your benefits as compared to other complex interfaces.

The benefits of your applications can be made better with different icon sets that display the core selling points or the idea.

3) Typography

outsource web development 2

Fonts do play an important role, and you are a non-designer may not realize it. They either make or break the design, and are simple but effective and appealing letters. Most of the home made web designs have a little contrast between the title of the website and the body font. Simply by altering the font size wouldn’t make any difference. You should use bold font for the headline and also give it priority than the rest of the text.

4) Using a Dark Background

The background color of your website is one of the largest parts of website and should be carefully picked.

outsource web development 3

As a general rule, converting the background of the entire website to black won’t be a good option. White color can be safe, but most of the designers prefer light gray. However, you shouldn’t make the gray color more dark as it will make the text difficult to read.

5) Alignment and Spacing Problems

outsource web development 5

You should leave enough of space, but not much around the elements on your website. This makes it easier for the visitor to navigate. Moreover, the layout also appears professional and neat. Grouping or stuffing up thing together would leave a bad impression. So, make a group of elements, and then leave a reasonable white space around those groups.

6) Unprofessional Copy

I know it is difficult to write, but ensure that your point is being conveyed. This gets more crucial when you are trying to sell something and your copy needs to be professional and easier to understand. Double check everything and then make it live.

outsource web development 4

Some websites have hilarious copies that are stuck because of the placeholder text from prototype stages of its design.

7) Readability Issues

Your copy won’t convert if it has readability issues. Even tiny details can be detrimental as to how the text is read and would also affect the company’s image.

outsource web development 6

You have to be very careful for minor and major readability issues. Too little contrast between the text and background color can affect your brand. This might not seem to be crucial, but some people may find it difficult to read and possibly exit or bounce from your website because it has an unprofessional touch. For the instance, just consider if Facebook would have readability issues.

8) Inconsistency

Brand should be consistent, but if you turn up whether it is a social media platform or an offline business, your visitor or customer must be able to recognize your brand.

outsource web development 7

However, your website should also be consistent in it. If there are legacy ul style that overwriting the body font and logo colors are the same as repeated on your website, and the shade are also similar enough, then you should consider organizing the CSS files and also deleting unnecessary codes to get rid of inconsistency.

9) Off-Trend Design

outsource web development 8

We all have bid the SKEUMORPHISM and almost every website is using this gradient and the shadows for heavy web design that appear outdated. You can easily get away with some cool 3D effects and it can be a good choice exploring the creative options that are inside flat design guidelines.

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5 Characteristics of High Quality Outsource Web Development


1. Great Content

  • Content is king. Well-researched, interesting and timely content, that is.
  • Make sure that it is regularly updated and related to the website’s purpose or theme.

2. Impressive Web Design

  • A website’s design should reflect its company or owner.
  • Pick up significant details about your clients or their brand so you can properly deliver their message through their website’s design to create consistency.

3. Easy navigation

  • A user-friendly website will attract and retain more visitors. A website with a navigation system that is hard to work with will make visitors move on to the next one in seconds.
  • Working on the website’s Title and Meta Tags are necessary in getting good ranking in the search engines as well.

4. A Reliable Server

  • Your company should be able to provide dependable hosting services.
  • It’s worth to invest on a large server so you can cater to as many clients as your business will generate.

5. Good Crawlability

  • Crawlability, as defined in Agent SEO’s SEO Dictionary, is the ability of a search engine to crawl through the entire text content of a website.
  • This is how search engines gather results. Working on even the HTML or CSS (as long as it is text) of a website can help it rank high on search.

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What to Look For When You Outsource web development Your Website Design

outsource web development

1. A Stacked Deck of Teammates

The most obvious benefit of outsourcing your website design is gaining access to highly-qualified professionals outside of the scope of your business without having to recruit or hire them full-time yourself.

To that end, you need to make sure that the team you hire has a stacked deck of professionals with experience and skill in the areas you need.

A successful website design team requires a marketing leader, a skilled graphic designer and web developer, copywriter, and project manager. Any website design project without each of these team members will be lacking in some way.

Since this is what the outsourced web design team does for a living, each unit of their team needs to be accounted for. Look for team biographies on the company’s website and dig deep into each team member’s abilities and experience.

2. Flexibility with New Ideas

Outsourcing your web design project doesn’t mean you can set it and forget it.

The website design team should have a process in place to hear all of your thoughts and ideas and then improve upon them with honest feedback and expertise.

Adding on to your team in an outsourced position should bring added flexibility to your team.

A good outsourced web design company won’t come in and follow your instructions to turn the project around overnight; they’ll supplement the ideas of your in-house team with things you may never have thought of on your own to add value to the project in the long run.

3. Energy and Passion

Life’s too short (and your business goals are too important) to work with a company that doesn’t put its best foot forward.

In today’s age of social media engagement and company blogging, there should be more than enough online evidence for you to dig up as to whether or not the outsource web Development company truly loves what they do and how they help their clients.

Review the company’s website and portfolio. Take a tour of their social media presence.

Does a zest for what they do become obvious? Are they energetic and sociable while maintaining professionalism?

4. Their Projects Are Custom-Made

When it comes to an outsider’s view of a web design company’s portfolio, there’s a fine line between consistent best practice and laziness.

Do a lot of the company’s websites look similar in style, color, and graphic elements? Does it seem like it might as well be the same site over and over again? If so, speak up and ask questions.

When you review the design firm’s previous clients’ websites, it should be clear that each design choice was made because it was a good fit for that client — not because it’s the design firm’s one-hit-wonder and they don’t have any other options.

They should be able to clearly explain their choices and how those choices related to the project.

If you’ve weighed the pros and cons and decided to outsource Web Development your website, don’t settle for the first option you come across. Carefully review the experience and portfolio of every firm — and every employee — before you make your decision to make sure you’re choosing the right web design firm for you.

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5 Steps to Outsource web development Your Business Tasks

outsource web development - silicon valley

With the various new forms of technology, there have never been more ways to enrich your life as an entrepreneur, reach your target audience and grow your business. The only problem is, how can you manage everything? Software, apps, and other tools might help, but the overwhelming list of tasks can be excessively time-consuming if you are a solopreneur.

A solution that is exceptionally effective is to outsource your administrative and back end tasks. Some business owners balk at the idea, wondering if they will have enough resources and comfort level to make it feasible. However, statistics compiled over the last decade have revealed a growing trend, with over 43% of companies now using outsourcing to help successfully manage their business operations. It makes perfect sense, since the more power we have behind us; the more work we are capable of doing. You can achieve more by doing less.

If you are new to the outsourcing concept, these 5 high-level steps can help you streamline this process and get the ball rolling to free up your time and your mind.


Typically, at Silicon Valley we assess the type of tasks associated with your business functions and daily management. They might fall under two categories: highly repetitive tasks, such as data entry, social media management, and blogging; or more specialized knowledge, such as accounts payable or web design. You may also have your own list according to your industry and niche in addition to the day to day necessities of processes and procedures. Once we have determined a list of tasks you’d like to Outsource Web Development, we can determine the skill level needed and begin to narrow down your options.


Begin with determining your own time value and where you should prioritize your efforts. If you tend to bury yourself in the daily minutia, for example, social media, editing, proofing, or curating content, it is here you need to ask yourself if this is the best value of your time? Is this your expertise, why you started your business? More often than not, it doesn’t represent your core genius, won’t provide an immediate return and isn’t a fundamental function of your company. While these tasks and activities represent daily necessities of an online presence, they don’t embody the crux of your knowledge and capabilities.

As an entrepreneur, your time needs to be protected, leveraged and highly valued. Outsourcing maintains these properties keeping you highly effective and focused on your business, growth, development and other primary structures of operations. Delegating allows you to forgo other things you would pay an actual employee, such as insurance, training, extra office space, supplies, and benefits. Instead, you are only paying for the project time which is a tremendous cost savings.


One of the most popular questions we get asked is, “Who should we use? How do we know they’ll do a good job?” As the old saying goes, “You get what you pay for.” There are many opportunities to find cheap labor from developing countries, but the difference in hours, language barriers, and skills can sometimes pose a problem. These are options you must consider, especially if you are presenting their work to your own clients.

Consider partnering with another entrepreneurial like-minded individual as they will understand what it takes to own and operate a successful, viable company. If you only choose someone based upon price, a “one-off task master” then that is all you will receive. Point A to Point B with nothing in between. Think in terms of a virtual business partner who has your best interests at heart. Someone who invests in you, your time and your company to help you achieve your goals.


One mistake we frequently hear from business owners is frustration when a project is delivered and it’s not what was expected, it wasn’t on time, or it was not successfully executed. Clearly plan and outline for accountability and outcomes, keeping all lines of communication open. We try to stress the importance of a strategy that all agree upon to ensure that all needs and requirements are met or exceeded. It is difficult enough to give up what you have always done so it’s vital to create a solid foundation with dialog, expectations, and feedback.


The hardest step business owners tend to have is relinquishing control and letting the person or business you’ve hired do their job. Remember, you’re outsourcing for a reason. You need to focus your time and energy on other more important, high payoff activities relative to your business. It doesn’t make sense to outsource a project or task and manage it from afar. If that’s the case, you should save your money and do it yourself!

Assigning the control to someone else can be nerve-racking, especially if you’ve been involved in every aspect of the business from the start. As Silicon Valley has continued to practice outsourcing ourselves, as well as accomplishing administrative tasks and business management operations on behalf of our own clients, we’ve seen an increase both in productivity and the efficiency with which we can grow our businesses.

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