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How WordPress Development Company Can Change the Scenario of Your Business

wordpress development india business


FWeb Statistic

If we look at the websites on the Internet, we will conclude that PHP has occupied more than half of space as a programming language in the source code. WordPress is a PHP open source platform, and it has again occupied half of space in PHP category.

Therefore, today nearly 30% websites on the web have built in WordPress or integrated the WordPress anyhow. In numbers, it is touching millions, so no other contender has such edge in the present universe of Internet.

Why WordPress Has an Edge

If we look at the evolution history of WordPress, we will find where the genome of success is residing.

WordPress had emerged as a blogging platform with simplicity in mind and CMS at tech point of view. Thusly, site proprietors and beginner to the moderate classification of web designers cherish it a considerable measure.

  • WordPress framework is highly flexible for extensive customization. Thus, it has won the hearts of seasoned PHP web developers who love to tweak everything in a unique way to address bespoke needs of their clienteles.
  • Huge WordPress Developers India community is extensively contributing to theme or template development. They are almost releasing themes regularly either free or with the least amount of charges.
  • For developers, WordPress is easy to learn due to its out-of-box framework tools and technologies. Therefore, availability of WordPress web developers is adequate in number.
  • WordPress has numerous extensions, plug-ins, and components to do customization. Thus, high-end web application development, e-commerce store development (Woo Commerce), data driven websites, web portals, and web application development is possible with WordPress and can leverage its CMS properties in bonus.

Experienced and skilled WordPress web development companies know these things very well as well as the seasoned WordPress developers know how to leverage such awesome capabilities of WordPress, for their benefactors originating from differing business specialties.

How a Reputed WordPress Development Company Can Change the Scenario of Business

If you hire WordPress developers from the reputed WordPress development company, with a decent portfolio to its credit, like Silicon Valley, you will have exceptional advantages to leverage all benefits mentioned above for your business.

For instance,

A. Creative and talented hire WordPress developers India will grant your website a mobile friendly status to reach the vast audience present on handheld devices like smartphones and tablets. They can do it simply by creating or tweaking an existing responsive WordPress theme or making a mobile friendly website from the scratch.

B. Experienced and scrappy WordPress developers can build your website with Progressive Web App coding like manifest file and web workers designed to turn your website gradually into the mobile web app over the time. The Progressive web apps are offering highly personalized and cost-effective solutions for mobile presence along with web presence for businesses.

C. Expert WordPress developers can make your website cloud service compatible by integrating various cloud services and databases residing on the cloud.

D. For large-scale WordPress websites like Woo Commerce can host on the cloud with exceptional security and access benefits. It is only possible with skilled and experienced WordPress web developers.

It is true that a freelance WordPress developer alone is not capable of addressing such big scale WordPress development needs, also, cutting edge base is a key prerequisite for the contemporary web designing and web development India.

In such scenario, looking at established WordPress Development Company like Silicon Valley is mandatory for low to high-end projects using the modern technologies, tools, and communication channels.


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The Benefits You Can Derive From Magento Ecommerce Development

magento ecommerce website development

Undoubtedly, Magento is a popular eCommerce platform used for building robust eCommerce websites and applications by small, medium and large businesses across the globe. Regardless of what business size you are connected with, Magento is equipped for meeting your authoritative targets and objectives like never accomplished. Magento Development India handles simple to complex eCommerce web shop loaded with thousands of product catalogs to product shipping, CRM, checkout management, SEO features and much more designed and developed in one or another way with its wholeness.

In this article, let’s have a look at the benefits of using Magento as your E commerce platform:

  • Magento an eBay’s division has a solid network of partners, developers, end-users and communities which help in keeping the Magento forum updated with the latest information, upgrades, technical documents, tutorials etc. in terms of optimum eCommerce solutions.
  • Magento Editions – Magento Enterprise, Magento Community and Magento Professional are flexible with businesses ranging from small, medium to large enterprises. Magento is accessible in both free and paid downloadable classifications suitable for your online business needs.
  • Being an open source, Magento core coding can be easily modified as per the business requirements. This helps in enhancing more accessible, customized Magento extensions and module development ever created.
  • Magento’s frequently organized support programs, training sessions, certification exams and consultation services gives online business merchants a platform to know the current market trend and issues related to this amazing eCommerce platform with appropriate resolving strengths relevant to various enterprise resolutions.
  • Magento is ideal for both B2B and B2C industry and help you achieve your online business goals by leveraging the maximum power of Magento Developers India and by customizing your online store according to your business needs.
  • Magento integration with several major banks provides the customers with a robust and fastest payment gateways for secure online transaction.
  • Magento has a great potential to enhance your online business and also create a brand visibility on the internet offering the store visitors a great shopping experience.
  • Magento offers excellent hosting, various customization options, excellent design and development as well as 24*7 customer support service.


Due to its remarkable benefits, the Magento E-commerce Development has become quite popular in the today’s e-commerce market. The thousands of online shopping cart website owners use Magento as a platform for their successful running online stores. One of the important factor for Magento popularity is its attractive and eye-catchy designs making it an enjoyable experience for every visitor who visits the website thus increasing the ROI and second its advanced features of open source shopping cart that helps not only in building a great shopping cart website but has many unique and extra-ordinary functionality.

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Custom Web Application Help You for Flawless Business Operations

Custom Web Application development

Web application development give more than a powerful medium for correspondence between a business and its customers. It opens up an entire new way to deal with use your online vicinity. Modifying the site or its pages is one pattern that can never blur away, as it gives what one longing as far as the destinations looks, content, design and so forth. At present, web improvement is not only another subset of programming advancement. It is a standout among-st the best ways to deal with encourage well, between the new and the old ones. Application change is honestly, crucial for a successful Marketing, PR, Operations organization and Customer organization technique for your business. Re-try diagram may not be changed reliably beside two or three little alterations, as its setup will be its face regard. It then saves money on your expense of redoing the site over and over. A custom Web application can be intended to do whatever you need it to do.

Web Development Service

They offer you proficient, venture level custom web applications that meet your business needs. Before undertaking any genuine advancement take a shot at a venture we first experience a standard arrangement of systems to guarantee that the last item won’t simply be a specialized and visual perfect work of art — however that it will likewise satisfy the vision, needs, and yearnings of our customer. We make custom web application development for your site, helping you to proficiently connect with representatives, clients, and sellers. In the event that an endeavor is orchestrated well then it need not cost the earth, nor on the off chance that it continue pursuing some time. The most basic segment of custom web application Development is organizing. We contribute practically as much vitality organizing as we truly do developing the application. Our group has experience outlining and creating numerous mission-basic business customized mobile application development for an extensive variety of commercial enterprises including Government, Education, Manufacturing, Transportation, Retail and Healthcare. Our custom web application improvement services incorporate:-

  • Web application advancement
  • Custom application improvement starting with no outside help
  • Application re-building
  • Intranet improvement
  • Application Enhancement
  • Application coordination that addresses the full combination lifecycle
  • Database driven locale
  • Web applications
  • Rich Internet applications

We have a group of best web developers and professionals who work with our customers to assist them with accomplishing their goals. Being one of the Top Web Design Companies we have years of involvement with a few fulfilled customers over the world.

They have a group of exceptionally gifted and flexible experts with inside and out involvement in the most recent advances in the World Wide Web. They all around readied and qualified specialists giving the best web application advancement services at forceful cost. We give a scope of Web Application Development services.

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WordPress plugin Development Company for the finest WordPress Development Services

wordpress-plugin-developers india siliconinfo

Nobody had imagined that the WordPress could rise so high when it was launched in 2004. That time, it was a mere blogging platform that helps bloggers to exercise their creativity. Within a decade, it turned into a giant content management platform dominating some of the major activities in the internet. As per business analysis, the WordPress has become an established industry now with over 60 million users, and a 25% of people involve in the website development industry take it as a means of livelihood. The WordPress industry offers almost all types of web services like website development, plugin development, hosting, WordPress maintenance and support, that makes it a complete platform. WordPress plugin development services are highly popular as plugins have an important role in making WordPress for what it is today.

Specialists say, the WordPress was dispatched at an exceptionally suitable time. The blogging was additionally getting to be mainstream around that time and since it was a free stage, everybody just changed on to it. Aside from that, in its initial days, one of its rivals, the Movable Type changed its value structure and this has to some degree added to WordPress fame.

The WordPress is ever growing and attracting lots of users every day. It offers free and custom themes and plugins which help WordPress plugin and theme developers and individuals to build a website or blogging site within a short time. It helps individuals to save time and money and the commercial developers also take help of WordPress themes to build beautiful designs as per customer’s requirement. Here, the requirement for an expert WordPress Developers India organization is felt on the grounds that however the WordPress is anything but difficult to introduce, the execution will be troublesome and just experts will do that in the right way.

Silicon Valley with more than a decade of experience, it is one of the leading faces developing WordPress concept. It provides unique theme solutions with ample of different multi theme options also. Here at Silicon Valley organisational as well as individual clients get services that exactly fit according to the structure and business requirement of the business or respective project.

With the team of excellent Web Developers, Silicon Valley has provided many successful projects across the globe and with emerging market of WordPress Development India have successfully flagged its impact and still continuously growing to serve with the best possible solutions.

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Magneto Development and it’s Endless list of Features

magento developers india - siliconinfo

Magento is an open source eCommerce software and is free for all to download from their website. There were three different type of Magento available of which one is free. Magento Go is the one focused at little organizations while Magento Enterprise version is focused at little to medium size organizations. It is a extremely versatile platform to use and the basic installation of Magento provides the users with a a load of feature already installed. This implies less or no extra module should be added to your Magento center undertaking. Magento allows high level of customization, although it generally requires addition programming skills in PHP Development india to do so.

Main Feature:

Shopping Cart Catalog Management : The shopping cart catalog management system includes an inventory management system as well as batch import and export of product. Different tax rates as per the location is possible to set up as well.

Analytic and Reports : Magento Development India can easily be integrated with Google analytic to provide detailed analysis; this is in addition to the several reports like sales, shopping cart, products, etc that are already inbuilt.

Product Browsing : Products can have multiple images, reviews, wish-lists and several more features.

Catalog Browse : Website and catalog navigation and advanced product filtering systems exist. Magento  Developers india also offers one of the most sought after feature for eCommerce applications and which is product comparison.

Marketing Promotions and Tools : Magento makes brand promotions or product promotions a breeze. The features like coupons and discounts can be incorporated into your website. Several different kinds of promotions are possible.

Site Management : Your shopping cart can have multiple websites (shopping carts) in multiple languages. It supports the tax rate for US and many international markets. Besides which the template and outlook is customization too.

Order Management : It takes Order management to the next level. There is a built feature to be able to create an order via the admin area itself. Feature like multiple invoice shipments and credit memos make it easy to place orders via a call center.

Silicon Valley is one firm that understands the importance of a website to a business. But better still they understand the importance of being on the top of the search engine results too. Hence this is certainly the place to look to when you need to hire Magento Developers India.

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Benefits of Picking WordPress


Having an online presence is something used to be a novelty at one point in time. Later came a time when it was essential to have an online presence to remain competitive. But these days it is taken for granted that if you do have a business, more information about your products and the firm itself will be available online. Hence a very large number businesses already have their websites. However there has been an incline towards surfing the Internet on mobile devices. Hence now more number of users use their mobiles to surf the Internet. This has affected the existing websites. Hence although the new websites being developed use advanced designs layouts (responsive designs) that allow them to be view able everywhere, the older websites do not.

Picking WordPress for your new website or when upgrading the old one

WordPress which once started out as a simple blogging tool has developed into a very big content management software. It continues to be open source and is free to download as well. It is an optimal solution for small to medium website since it is also possible to add additional functionality in the form of plug-ins as well as further customization impossible via core PHP programming. This is done by adding additional modules to WordPress.

What WordPress brings to the party

When designing a website these days features like social media integration, search engine optimization, etc are all taken for granted. However there are still quite a few who are unaware about the impact that Social Media can have on a website, besides which there are a lot of websites out there that need to be upgraded any way you look at it. For such websites, Social Media integration is also a must.

The working Social Media Networking with WordPress

Social Media Networking is very big. The rapid increase in the number of mobile Internet users is impressive, but what is more impressive is the high percentage of Internet users using Social Media. Hence just about all websites are integrated with Social Media with features like login with Facebook, sharing on Facebook, like website page on Facebook. These are simply some common examples and other Social Media Networks are equally popular. The best thing about WordPress Developers India is that you can have all this quite easily. Besides what comes with the core, there are a very high number of Social Media plugins that make adding such features a breeze.

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