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Magento Web Development A Great Boon to the E -Commerce Sector

magento developers india siliconinfo

One of the much preferred and most desired option by several e-commerce & web development companies is Magento Web Development. This open source ecommerce platform with the assistance of the open source software can simply build a secure online business. The inventive ecommerce stage gives top stage suppleness to the clients and is likewise exceptionally easy to handle. With the help of the Magento Development, the e-trade merchants are offered with adaptable shops over different constituents to their e-business website. Also the primary decision for all the ecommerce shippers is the Magento shopping carts.

Salient features

The Magento carts possess powerful backend control panel with perfect functionality. Now days, several companies are very specialized in the Magento web development. You can seek the assistance of an expert Magento developers India, in the event that you longing to have a complete secured and useful Magento site. As it were, these sites can likewise be customized. Generally there are 3 sorts of expansions of these sites – interfaces, the modules and the subjects. The ecommerce vendor can opt from 1000s of extension accessible on the internet for improved functionality of the e -business website without negotiating on the ideologies. Some of the other salient aspects of the Magento Web Development.


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WordPress Plugins To Easily Create Mobile-Responsive Websites

wordpress plugin development silicon info

These days you can utilize a WordPress Developers India module to create landing pages, customize your login page, receive two-variable authentication, or even make sense of how to advance your site for you with manmade brainpower. In this post, we’re going to add another thing to that rundown, conveying you 10 modules to create mobile-responsive blogs for you.



Jetpack is a lightweight, must-have, open-source platform, which offers a simple and responsive mobile theme for any blog or website. It offers customization features like custom menus, headers, backgrounds and more to provide optimal mobile experience.

jetpack wordpress developers india plugin

Jetpack consequently accelerates picture stacking and advances them by utilizing the’s premium substance conveyance system known as ‘Photon’. The module additionally gives guest measurements, speeds up picture stacking on cell phones and offers security from unapproved logins and savage power, and other unsafe assaults.


WPTouch creates a mobile version of your website with a theme. This plugin is specifically developed to enhance users’ mobile experience. It offers a good responsive interface, which passes the Google Mobile Test, and helps to boost your mobile traffic.

WPTouch wordpress developers india

WPTouch offers a sleek and lightweight template, which can be effortlessly tweaked. Utilizing this module keeps your desktop topic in place and gives clients the decision to scan either forms. It’s additionally accessible with premium components, for example, more subjects, promoting alternatives, web Fonts styles, and premium customer support.

Any Mobile Theme Switcher

Any Mobile Theme Switcher wordpress development

Any Mobile Theme Switcher uses an improved mobile detection technology that helps detect the right device and offer right customization to give your readers an enhanced browsing experience. It also gives you the independence to choose from different mobile themes for different browsers.

The module likewise offers a premium form that includes helpful components, for example, support for W3 Total Cache, choice to set diverse landing page for mobiles and tablets and backing for QR code for mobile bookmarking.

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Create a Web Application with Express and MongoDB

One of the most fascinating things about MongoDB till now has been its NoSQL format where the data is no longer stored in a relational database style requiring the use of stored procedures. Here the information is put away in configuration of JSON like reports. Thus, the overhead of making an interpretation of the tables to the item show for use in application as required in the social databases is wiped out here in light of the fact that the put away information is as of now in the comparative configuration (BSON position) like article model. MongoDB is thus an efficient database reducing time overheads and efforts of the developers significantly. With MongoDB development, there comes scalability and improved data consistency required for developing enterprise applications and it is for this purpose that many enterprises today are opting to use this database as the backend for their applications.

There are certain things which make MongoDB a better database as looked at than its partners or say contenders. These are a couple of good outline choices that this record based database has recently all right to different databases and they are as per the following.

MongoDB- The New Age Software

MongoDB Development india

MongoDB is an open-source – NoSQL database, (a means of storing data that can be further classified as having features such as key-value, document, column, etc) that employs the use of JSON documents that further facilitates in providing dexterity to the applications. It is a cross-platform framework, cultivated by an American Software firm MongoDB Inc. with the yearning of giving revved up execution and adaptability. Despite the fact that it is another participant, it has increased enormous prominence and numerous huge names have put their time and cash in this primary result of MongoDB. Inc.The key features of this database include document oriented NoSQL database system and the key-value pair that facilitates in quick retrieval of the data. This is one of the key reasons many firms are endeavoring to implement MongoDB database.

What is Express Framework?

Express Framework Developers India

Express stands for ‘E’ in the MEAN Stack Development Software that works in parallel with the MongoDb Database, the Angular front-end framework and the Node.js Environment. Developing single-page or multiple-page or hybrid web applications is the foremost job of Express Framework Web Development, which is the primary Web Application Server Framework for and this have been inspired by the Sinatra Web Development framework.

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Magento Development Companies in India

Magento Development Companies in India

The world is moving toward an technology driven spot where in the coming couple of years, it would be impossible for the up and coming era to try and consider existence with no technology. Magento is one such platform catering the technology world with incredible gifted developers, immediate work responses and affordable development costs. The vast majority of the eCommerce businesses are standing right because of the Magento platform. The Magento development is a response to another endeavor or notwithstanding for the enhancement of an old business.

Silicon valley – a qualified Magento development company deals with customers from far and wide for their website development. It is one of the top-quality Magento development companies in India which gives a helpful push to your website due to which your slowed business will be up and running as soon as the website is. The Magento developers at Silicon Valley are not only knowledgeable in providing their clients with the Magento services but other related services too. Hire our Magento experts who would be able to give great results by working dedicatedly on their Magento projects, boost small-scale or large-scale businesses, work on the Magento Customization based on customers’ requirements and anything else that is required from the customer’s end.

Our top Magento development services include of: Magento Customization, Magento Module Development, Magento SEO, Magento Upgradation Services, Magento Support etc. It is definite that trust doesn’t come just by reading, which is why you would know better if you hire our Magento developers for any of your Magento –related issues or for any kind of web development using Magento. Contact magento development company, magento development india, magento development companies, magento development companies in india, Magento Development.

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eCommerce & Custom Magento Website Development in USA


Ecommerce growth was never much basic and also user friendly encounter prior to the intro of Magento eCommerce development. You could get a specialist top quality Ecommerce site and can enhance its deals with the practical elements from Magento United States. Ecommerce company owner that look for plenteous and also eye smart website designs for their business ought to go for charming functions from Magento Development firm California, USA.

In case you are needing to start an online store, then there are different things that you have to consider so it continues running with no disturbs. A champion amongst the most vital parts to be considered is which framework to use for your ecommerce site. I work for an item development Company and we have managed a huge amount of ecommerce sites for our customers. So here in this online journal, I will grant to you my experience of why you should pick Magento eCommerce development platform.

Benefits of Magento Template Development

  • Magneto offers savvy highlights for layered route, lists of things to get, top picks, propelled seek, email records, content administration frameworks, and SEO execution.
  • Flexible to the core, Magento provides customized solutions in line with the needs, budget and size of any ecommerce project.
  • It provides best-in-class SEO solutions for better optimization of all kinds of e-commerce sites. You can manage duplicate content, traffic landing pages, indexing, etc with Magento.

Magento Developers India

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Node.js Development – Web Applications, Secure, Powerful, Reliable & Productive

Node.js Developers India

Node.js is an open-source JavaScript run time robust platform that is built on Chrome’s V8 JavaScript Engine. Node.js has been developed with the aim of providing a JavaScript based application development a scaffold that is secure, powerful and reliable. It is a system, primarily used for structuring server-side Web Applications and further enables the developers to construct a strong network. Furthermore, it employs an event-driven and a non blocking I/O- the input-output processing that lets the other processing to start and continue without interrupting the transmission of the ongoing processing, that makes the real-time web applications even more dynamic and productive.

Benefits of using Node.JS development:

  • Easy to install and execute locally
  • Node.JS is extremely inexpensive to test and deploy using Pay as You Grow services
  • It is relatively easy to develop software real-time systems
  • Very much scalable due to asynchronous and event-driven processing
  • It is very fast, also containing very speedy native bindings(C)
  • An important feature, universality: in Node.JS the code is written in one language, but can be run on multiple platforms which makes it different from other open source technologies.
  • It has comparatively high performance: Node.JS distributes a small heap per connection, comparing to other server side solutions, which usually create a big thread for each incoming connection and slow down the performance.
  • You get amazing performance for HTTP and TCP protocols
  • You also get shorter parsing time.


Node.js Development India


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WordPress: The Best Choice for Website Development – silicon valley

wordpress developers india.jpeg

WordPress websites have more than just a few benefits that other website development platforms, and there is no two ways about it. As each business needs a website nowadays, nothing can be superior to getting the website created with the assistance of WordPress. If you are wondering why WordPress is best, than here are some of the reasons for you:

wordpress development services can be the best way to make website quite SEO-friendly, with features such as the ability to automatically generate search-friendly URLS, but with the addition of a couple of plugins, such as the Google XML Site Map and the All-in-One SEO pack, you can force yourself to maintain good SEO discipline, giving your site the best chance of good search results. Add to this how easy it is to use plugins to integrate with social networks, and a WordPress Website can perform very well in terms of modern SEO with quite minimal effort.

Unparalleled support:

As you would expect from such a popular platform, the support community is active and huge. Aside from the dedicated WordPress support resources, you’ll find an abundance of third-party forums and other options for assistance. If you have any question at all, you can be pretty sure that somebody has already answered it somewhere.

More than a blogging platform:

WordPress used to be known primarily as a blogging platform, and it remains the best solution to use for blog, however it has come a long way and has become a very comprehensive Content Management Suite used to power many different types of websites, including business sites, job boards, sites featuring classified ads, etc. WordPress is extremely very flexible, adaptable, and if a specific feature or features that are not built-in are needed by a user, there are literally thousands of plugins available to enhance WordPress’ functionality, so there is likely solution already developed for that need – the possibilities are literally endless.

Now it’s easy to have blog on your website:

In addition to this, WordPress development services can make it easy to have a blog on your website, which is highly recommended as part of your online marketing strategy. Search engines such as Google love WordPress because it uses well-written code, and keeping an active blog tells search engines that your site is alive and well, thereby increasing your website’s rank and your chances of being found via organic searches. If you’re looking to get a head start with Search Engine Optimization, WordPress is the way to go for your website and/or blog.

About Silicon Valley Infomedia Pvt. Ltd.:

One of the most reliable companies that are dedicated to offering WordPress development services, Silicon Valley Infomedia Pvt. Ltd. is the best choice to make. For more details, visit

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