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PHP is part of the most known programming language for website development. It is used mainly because of its easy embodiment in the html which enables it as a server slide script language. It’s a versatile language that can build and create diverse websites,eCommerce stores quickly in a row. Picking an expert and gifted PHP development company USA, UK, Australia, India company is testing. For fruitful task finishing the demonstrated methodology and the best technology frameworks required. Also, for that I prescribe employing proficient and keen developer who can deal with the differentiated needs of the business enterprises in the best possible manner.

Here are Things Need to Keep in Mind before Outsourcing:

Well-defined criteria and Quantifiable objectives:fairly detailed description of things that need to be done.

Determine the offshore PHP expert developer: either going for a freelancer or a cooperate body to do the job. Procuring an individual master could be a lower cost however unsafe, as there is inclination he/she can be gotten into some issue which could imperil the whole venture. Participate body could be very costly yet it guarantees proficient security. Either of the two categories you choose, should have technically sound & professional team of PHP developers India.

Examine their PHP skills:examine the skills and accreditation of the one you want to choose, demand for their certification and skills. Cross-examine them thoroughly in the interview sessions regarding the specific skills required for the project and be sure they have dedicated staff that is well up-to-date with the latest development in the technology to meet with your preference.

Assess their pass records:assess their feedback on the past performance especially in PHP projects to be sure they have well-defined maintenance tasks. If former clients have good recommendation about them, you will also get benefited from their skills too.

Above mentioned tips give you headwayto Successfully Outsource PHP Development. A PHP Developer would be able to deliver your projects on time with the promised quality without breaking the bank for you.


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Top 5 Best PHP Frameworks worth Checking Out

Php frameworks web development

Technology experts and developers over the globe have been consistent in their perspectives of PHP being the all inclusive most loved in programming dialects. Driving more than 82% of the sites as of now, its fame stays unparalleled. PHP developers likewise profit by a scope of alternatives accessible to them, making it the second most well known dialect they like to work with. In the event that you are another PHP Developers, wish to investigate other PHP structures, or need to enlist the privilege PHP software engineer Sydney , this site is only for you.

In the event that you are feeling hindered by the sheer assortment of choices, you require not stress. Today, we display an accumulation of top PHP frameworks utilized widely over the world.

Codeigniter –The miniaturized scale framework offers a fast development web development environment. It is particularly suited for learners and PHP Development India who wish to execute speedier development with help of its wide rundown of libraries and enormously accommodating documentation. It offers extraordinary similarity with outsider application, and is subjected to regular upkeep to keep the variant stable.

Smarty – The Smarty web template system helps developers enhance coding productivity by advancing the Separation of Concerns (SoC) plan standards. It helps in simple alters of front end without influencing the backend. This thusly, altogether brings down upkeep costs for web applications developed on this layout framework – a truly savvy alternative for now’s businesses.

Cake PHP – This web application framework follows the MVC approach and facilitates quick code generation. A unique feature of Cake PHP Framework is the scaffolding ability that lets you configure prototypes to suit your needs. Its high performance security and in-built suite of functionalities like database and translation access, credential based validation, and caching makes it the perfect framework for enterprise grade commercial applications.

Laravel – Laravel currently sits pretty on top of almost any and every list of popular PHP frameworks. It offers a dual advantage to developers – first by way of trusted Symfony components, and secondly, with the meticulously tested reliable code libraries. Together, they help coders setup everything from micro sites to enterprise level customized web applications. Some of its other notable features include restful routing, inherent database version control, amazing third party integrations, powerful application logic, and MVC architecture.

Phalcon – This framework extends C functionality and is used extensively as a full stack PHP5 framework. For commercial applications that require a great degree of stability, security and scalability, Phalcon comes across as a dependable framework. Developers find it easy to get started with this framework and offers loose coupling to enable developers use individual components suited for their needs.

Symfony – One of the most active frameworks around, Symfony comes bundled with ORM and great technical documentation. With features like Event Dispatcher and Dependency Injector, it offers highly flexible configuration and can quickly adapt to your specific Symfony Development needs. Its latest version Symfony2 can be used as a standalone PHP micro framework.

Hope this online journal will limit down your choices significantly and guarantee that you choose the right-fit PHP Developers India for your project. In the event that you require more data on getting the privilege PHP ability on-board, you can read here on reasonable yet viable strides to contract PHP developers.

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Essential modules in Joomla development – Silicon Valley

joomla development

Joomla is a PHP based CMS i.e., content management system. It is one of the best open source content management system. of the business. It helps in developing quick web applications which are essentially content driven. That implies we can make a news entryway, blugs and so on utilizing Joomla. Today we will talk about some of its essential modules and some outsider modules or modules to help the Joomla Developers making intelligent web applications. Give us a chance to begin with some inbuilt modules of Joomla.

Breadcrumbs: As the name proposes breadcrumb is a module in the Joomla CMS which can be utilized to make the client comprehend the present area in the web application. While browsing a website, sometimes the user enters into a new environment which may give him an embracing feeling. To prevent the same Joomla Developers india can integrate the breadcrumb module which will display the status of current web page.

Archived articles: While dealing with a content driven website, the web developer must ensure that all the posts or articles are placed in a systematic manner. We can keep an arrangement of articles or web journals as indicated by their date of distribute utilizing a month shrewd chronicled registry. We can put this module in the right board of the site so that the client can peruse diverse articles which are distributed already.

Articles- newsflash: This is an extremely important module of Joomla CMS. This module helps in giving a rundown of most recent articles to the client inside a particular area. This is extremely helpful if the web developer can give special visual effects to the module like blinking of titles or colour change so that it can be highlighted to the user.

Articles category: PHP developers must use this module in order to differentiate between different types of articles. Accept a site containing a square of articles on games, excitement, legislative issues and so forth. So the client must be given the control to pick his classification from the website. All things considered articles classification module helps in bunches of approach to give between related articles to the end user. This will improve the user experience as a whole.

Login: This is a standout amongst the most key modules of Joomla CMS while building a substance driven web application. The executive for the most part tries to e-battle his site utilizing different strategies like email sending, SMS sending and through interpersonal organizations and so on.To achieve the same the PHP developers Inida must build an application which can take the visitors e-mail ID through sign up process. Later on the web administrator can send him up-date mails from his website to attract him to come back to his website. Moreover, it also helps the user to feel like a privileged user.

Menu: Menu is an essential part of any web application. Its significance can never be disregarded by any web engineer. Menu helps the client to meander around the web application in a bother free way. It enhances the client experience of the web application.

Most read content: This is one of the fundamental modules for any substance driven site. Since this highlights probably the most went to pages of the site. This helps the client to stay with the quality substance of the web application.

Besides above mentioned modules, there are many in-built and third party plugins and modules which can be used in developing industry standard content driven web applications.

At Silicon Valley, we have an expert Joomla Developers team, who have been serving our esteemed clients since over 5 years now. If you have a custom Joomla Development need or need assistance with your PHP Application Development, please feel free to write to us at Sales at Silicon Valley dot com and we will revert back with a free quote within one business day.

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How WordPress Development Company Can Change the Scenario of Your Business

wordpress development india business


FWeb Statistic

If we look at the websites on the Internet, we will conclude that PHP has occupied more than half of space as a programming language in the source code. WordPress is a PHP open source platform, and it has again occupied half of space in PHP category.

Therefore, today nearly 30% websites on the web have built in WordPress or integrated the WordPress anyhow. In numbers, it is touching millions, so no other contender has such edge in the present universe of Internet.

Why WordPress Has an Edge

If we look at the evolution history of WordPress, we will find where the genome of success is residing.

WordPress had emerged as a blogging platform with simplicity in mind and CMS at tech point of view. Thusly, site proprietors and beginner to the moderate classification of web designers cherish it a considerable measure.

  • WordPress framework is highly flexible for extensive customization. Thus, it has won the hearts of seasoned PHP web developers who love to tweak everything in a unique way to address bespoke needs of their clienteles.
  • Huge WordPress Developers India community is extensively contributing to theme or template development. They are almost releasing themes regularly either free or with the least amount of charges.
  • For developers, WordPress is easy to learn due to its out-of-box framework tools and technologies. Therefore, availability of WordPress web developers is adequate in number.
  • WordPress has numerous extensions, plug-ins, and components to do customization. Thus, high-end web application development, e-commerce store development (Woo Commerce), data driven websites, web portals, and web application development is possible with WordPress and can leverage its CMS properties in bonus.

Experienced and skilled WordPress web development companies know these things very well as well as the seasoned WordPress developers know how to leverage such awesome capabilities of WordPress, for their benefactors originating from differing business specialties.

How a Reputed WordPress Development Company Can Change the Scenario of Business

If you hire WordPress developers from the reputed WordPress development company, with a decent portfolio to its credit, like Silicon Valley, you will have exceptional advantages to leverage all benefits mentioned above for your business.

For instance,

A. Creative and talented hire WordPress developers India will grant your website a mobile friendly status to reach the vast audience present on handheld devices like smartphones and tablets. They can do it simply by creating or tweaking an existing responsive WordPress theme or making a mobile friendly website from the scratch.

B. Experienced and scrappy WordPress developers can build your website with Progressive Web App coding like manifest file and web workers designed to turn your website gradually into the mobile web app over the time. The Progressive web apps are offering highly personalized and cost-effective solutions for mobile presence along with web presence for businesses.

C. Expert WordPress developers can make your website cloud service compatible by integrating various cloud services and databases residing on the cloud.

D. For large-scale WordPress websites like Woo Commerce can host on the cloud with exceptional security and access benefits. It is only possible with skilled and experienced WordPress web developers.

It is true that a freelance WordPress developer alone is not capable of addressing such big scale WordPress development needs, also, cutting edge base is a key prerequisite for the contemporary web designing and web development India.

In such scenario, looking at established WordPress Development Company like Silicon Valley is mandatory for low to high-end projects using the modern technologies, tools, and communication channels.

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Magneto Development and it’s Endless list of Features

magento developers india - siliconinfo

Magento is an open source eCommerce software and is free for all to download from their website. There were three different type of Magento available of which one is free. Magento Go is the one focused at little organizations while Magento Enterprise version is focused at little to medium size organizations. It is a extremely versatile platform to use and the basic installation of Magento provides the users with a a load of feature already installed. This implies less or no extra module should be added to your Magento center undertaking. Magento allows high level of customization, although it generally requires addition programming skills in PHP Development india to do so.

Main Feature:

Shopping Cart Catalog Management : The shopping cart catalog management system includes an inventory management system as well as batch import and export of product. Different tax rates as per the location is possible to set up as well.

Analytic and Reports : Magento Development India can easily be integrated with Google analytic to provide detailed analysis; this is in addition to the several reports like sales, shopping cart, products, etc that are already inbuilt.

Product Browsing : Products can have multiple images, reviews, wish-lists and several more features.

Catalog Browse : Website and catalog navigation and advanced product filtering systems exist. Magento  Developers india also offers one of the most sought after feature for eCommerce applications and which is product comparison.

Marketing Promotions and Tools : Magento makes brand promotions or product promotions a breeze. The features like coupons and discounts can be incorporated into your website. Several different kinds of promotions are possible.

Site Management : Your shopping cart can have multiple websites (shopping carts) in multiple languages. It supports the tax rate for US and many international markets. Besides which the template and outlook is customization too.

Order Management : It takes Order management to the next level. There is a built feature to be able to create an order via the admin area itself. Feature like multiple invoice shipments and credit memos make it easy to place orders via a call center.

Silicon Valley is one firm that understands the importance of a website to a business. But better still they understand the importance of being on the top of the search engine results too. Hence this is certainly the place to look to when you need to hire Magento Developers India.

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Why Magento is a Perfect ECommerce Platform?


Magento, the actual start supply PHP based e-commerce system, paves route with regard to by itself using help regarding strong capabilities in addition to excessive flexibility for you to company owners within controlling a number of aspects of information, visual appeal in addition to benefits with their e-commerce merchants. This kind of many is duplicated using perfect management screen with regard to efficient advertising, seo in addition to products supervision instruments for you to enable sellers having the ability to flow websites in which match up their particular enterprise requirements.

For you to add up to most of these rewards in which Magento Developers India has got to give e-commerce options, additionally, it gives a combination of prominently scalable designs in addition to thoroughly supporting network. To sum up all this they have properly gained the actual standing of a very trusted remedy amidst shopping cart application entrepreneurs – this specific is a result of the actual large Return – who’s brings in for that entrepreneurs.

Magento is this could be handily incorporated using your existing on-line buying web site to make available in which active screen in which besides offers in addition to compels, but additionally has an out of the globe Individual Encounter in your site visitors.

Magento the Most Preferred and Perfect E-Commerce Platform – Why?

  • Lot of easy-to-use features
  • Automatically updates your website – which is not the case with other platforms
  • Simple, quick, and versatile functionalities help visitors to browse and buy your products or services – conveniently
  • Highly enjoyable and interactive shopping experience to consumers
  • Supports multiple websites – Online stores to promote their services and products – across domains
  • Designed on concepts of MYC – Magento helps you to create scalable websites and scale up your existing websites
  • E-commerce websites based on Magento feature exceptional SEO – Marketing and Management tools, that fulfill customized business needs of product/service providers.

Magento Better than Other Platforms – How?

  • Magento vs. Shopify
  • Magento offers hundreds of templates and extensions whereas Shopify offers limited templates (Approx. 200 only)
  • Magento is a prominent Open Source platform and Shopify is comparatively a smaller platform that needs its own language to work on.
  • Magento offers extensive reporting and customization tools which Shopify does not have.
  • Shopify may be a good choice for
  • Magento is a solution for those, looking out for rich and dependable e-commerce websites whereas Shopify Developers India would be a choice for those with smaller businesses and are looking out for an e-commerce website in a limited time frame.

Magento vs. WordPress

  • One needs to understand that WordPress Developers India allows e-commerce with help of plugins.
  • This is one of the biggest glitch everyone faces, especially those who are well versed with WordPress blogging.
  • They are baffled with the concept of setting up an e-commerce site based on a platform that is purely a blogging area whether to go with it or not?
  • Why not choose a dedicated e-commerce platform for e-commerce solutions that can be customized.

We should not forget that all e-commerce platforms walk in with their own specific advantages and limitations. Hence it really is very important for owners to have a clear expectations setting along with priorities while choosing the appropriate platform for their online store – that meets their business needs.

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A Potential Technology for Web Application Development – SiliconInfo

php development siliconinfo

Every web application designer has alternative to pick from a wide assortment of programming dialects. In any case, designers crosswise over world decide on PHP to manufacture vigorous web applications by benefiting various favorable circumstances. The immense prominence of server-side programming dialect can likewise be evaluated from the way that more than 21 million sites and web applications are outlined utilizing PHP innovations. As PHP can be implanted inside of HTML easily, the developers can fabricate elite application without composing perplexing and long code. In the meantime, the open source nature of the innovation makes it simpler for endeavors to abridge web application advancement cost. On the off chance that you are wanting to change to PHP programming, the time has come to comprehend its potential for Outsource Web Development .

What Makes PHP Web Application Developers’ First Choice?

Higher Level of Compatibility

As a capable web programming dialect PHP bolsters major working frameworks like Windows, UNIX, Mac and WIN32 QNX. In the meantime, it is additionally good with real web servers including Netscape, Apache and Microsoft IIS. Further, the software engineers are not required to compose longer lines of code, as it can be effectively inserted in HTML. A PHP application can likewise gone through an as of now introduced straightforward neighborhood host, and subsequently does not require a particular Integrated Development Environment (IDE). The similarity of the innovation with major working frameworks, networks servers and IDEs makes PHP the best choice to fabricate web applications.

Curtail Application Development Cost

With more organizations wandering into web application advancement, the business has ended up intricate and focused. In the meantime, the progressing recessional period of the economy has made it key for endeavors to investigate choices to lessen venture overheads. Not at all like other exclusive web programming dialects, PHP is open source, and can likewise be utilized free of expense. Likewise, PHP empowers clients to process continuous information by utilizing content administration frameworks like Joomla, WordPress and Drupal, without paying any permitting charges. The open source nature of PHP is additionally contributes towards expanding its prominence.

Optimize the Application’s Performance and Scalability

PHP is further utilized by designers over the world to fabricate an assortment of intricate, intelligent and high-performing web applications. Numerous software engineers even pick PHP for both front-end and back-end improvement to streamline client experience without putting any additional exertion. The dialect is further successful in guaranteeing most extreme capacity of the code in its usefulness and also execution. In the meantime, PHP is thought to be more versatile and dependable, in correlation to other server-side programming dialects, for creating custom web applications. As the dialect work flawlessly on the routine LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL and PHP) stack, it gets to be less connecting so as to demand for software engineers to streamline execution and totaling singular parts. As the stack does not devour more framework assets, the procedure likewise contribute towards decreasing the time required for stacking and executing the web application.

Also Usable for Building Mobile Applications

Numerous reports have highlighted the consistent development in the quantity of clients getting to web on their cell phones. So a web application must be perfect with significant versatile working frameworks to end up immensely mainstream. Alongside adding to an assortment of web application, PHP is additionally utilized by software engineers to construct versatile applications for portable stages such as iOS, Android App Development, Windows and Blackberry. The dialect further empower designers to manufacture both backend-code and front-end client interface at once, while taking preferences of particular information sources, cloud administrations, CRM frameworks and interpersonal organizations.

Easy to Learn and Use

The novices need to put some measure of time and push to take in another programming dialect. In examination to other web programming dialects, PHP is much simpler to learn. So the tenderfoots can without much of a stretch switch to PHP Development. The straightforward summon capacities and sensible language structure further makes it less demanding for designer to make and streamline applications by depicting precise elements and functionalities. Additionally, the engineers having related knowledge in C and Perl will discover PHP much less demanding. The comparability of sentence structure will encourage empower them to compose code inside of a limited ability to focus time.

We provide custom PHP Development services. If you would like to hire php programmers from our team, please get in touch with us at Silicon Valley.

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