The Winning Combination of AngularJS and Ionic for Hybrid Mobile App Development

AngularJS developers india

As mobile apps have officially changed our work propensities and scanning designs, the methods for app development has additionally been through a great deal crisp changes. Of late, there are a lot of cutting-edge tools, frameworks and platforms that have eased the task of developers. Creators can now make extraordinarily helpful and top of the line mobile apps effortlessly. Subsequently, it gives a lot of client driven and supportive application to associations and in addition organizations to enhance their general business nearness through their mobile app.

Ionic is another passage in the scope of half and half mobile application development platforms. Fundamentally, it is a front-end SDK that is based on top of the most helpful AngularJS – an extremely prevalent JavaScript library. Whilst local applications still need separate codes composed for individual stages crosswise over mobiles like Windows, Android and iOS, mixture applications offer an additional point of interest. It requires lesser endeavors of development and lessens maintenance costs as well. What’s more, Ionic applications additionally gives organizations and engineers a variety of advantages one single development code over a few mobile stages with the assistance of the most prevalent JavaScript structure called AngularJS Development.

There are several features of this winning combination of AngularJS and Ionic, which includes:

1. One App Many Platforms

Technology has progressed and specialists have thought of better approaches to make intelligent and adjustable mobile apps for magnificent client experience. As of not long ago, there were more than 4 million developers worldwide having utilized Ionic for building more than 2 million applications. Truth be told, it is the most far reaching SDK accessible for HTML5 mobile app development framework.

It offers a lot of points of interest than most local applications. With implicit Sass and AngularJS optimization, Ionic likewise offers a whole library of improved HTML, JS and CSS apparatuses and segments for portable. It diminishes code composing for a few stages. In this way, one single application can really keep running on every versatile stage like Android, Windows and iOS, with no extra endeavors or development time.

2. Ionic Benefits and Features

You cannot just ignore Ionic! It is the best platform for debugging, UI, build and performance. In fact, Ionic is one platform with over a dozens of useful components and extensible options. In addition, the quality of each of these components is exceptional and offers seamless interaction.

With the latest version, application layout now depends on the type of device and the platform, Ionic, follows certain guidelines on receptive platforms for perfect element display. It also follows the intricacies of transition, platform-specific behavior and transition styling.

3. Component Creation with Ionic

Most app developers complain about the endeavors expected to make sprinkle screens and symbols for most hybrid applications. It is crucial to consider singular parameters like tallness, thickness, width, sort of gadget, and host. Besides, to finish the employment effectively, symbols with various sprinkle screens ought to be made. Ionic makes this occupation moderately less demanding; you have to make 2 straightforward documents with .png, .ai, or .psd expansion inside the principle asset catalog, express the layout, and sorted!

4. AngularJS and Ionic – The Deadly Combination

Experts opine that AngularJS and Ionic is one of the best matches that could have ever existed. It is a winning combo for developing one of the finest and robust SDK apt for building powerful and rich mobile apps for several app stores, which includes Google Play, Apple Store and Windows.


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Joomla Web Development Company: Joomla Customization Services India

joomla development india

Joomla Development India is a name which solves all the requirements of offshore software and Joomla Web Development. The services provided by Joomla web development company in India includes hiring of a Joomla developer which can be used to develop Joomla web content, customization of Joomla web Templates and Joomla component development services. These services can be used for basic web development to big portal development.

Joomla Developers India has very talented people from the background of management, business development, software development and web designers. Joomla Development India has completed about 8 years of working with offshore clients.

The various services provided by Joomla Development India are

  1. Hire Joomla Developer
  2. Joomla Web Design
  3. Joomla Development
  4. Joomla SEO
  5. Joomla Custom Template
  6. Joomla Customization India
  7. Joomla Component Development
  8. Typo3 Development India

Joomla Development India is famous offshore due to its unique features. The main features of the services provided by JDI are

  • Serve engines are completely database driven.
  • It is very easy to manage and edit the various sections like entertainment etc.
  • Layouts are fully customizable which can be changed by using menu boxes present at left and right side.
  • There is facility of browsing to upload image from the library and use it accordingly by the customer.
  • There is a view box for on the spot results.
  • It runs mainly on Linux.
  • It is secure and flexible.
  • Unparallel features
  • Ease of third party module integration.
  • Its modular architecture
  • There is an ease to use interfaces
  • There is an ease of update.
  • Due to an ease of customization

Joomla Development India is not only famous in India but its client age is spread in various other countries of the world like USA, UK, Australia and India etc. The reason behind the popularity of Joomla Development India in the whole world is its scalable, manageable and reliable features. It is one of the most trustworthy companies which provide the best services to its customers.

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Magento 2 – The All New Shopping Sensation

magento 2.0 development ecommerce india

To develop an online store with all features, requirements and according to the desire is never easy. The biggest challenge for the developers is they should get functions and features to accomplish all the requirements, which is not always available. However, with new Magento 2 there would not be any such issue as lot of new factors are being added to this platform for the developers.

Let us check the some of the features that are incorporated in Magento 2.

Compatibility with Popular Platforms

PHP 5.3 and Zend framework is used for Magento 2, which is indication that the Magento Development store will be having cache engine feature of Zend. The new version store will be supporting windows platform server with MSSQL and Oracle database.

Structure and Library

This is the part that has witnessed most exciting and beneficial changes from older Magento version. The new changes is targeted to help professional developers as first all the files are cleanly arranged under app structure and then each module is having VIEW option that will give liberty to access all the files of a particular module.

Silicon Valley is the established name providing customized and flexible services in field of Magento Development from more than a decade. Improving quality performance and scalability with reduced costs and upgraded efforts by using tools with latest available upgradation in serving the clients with Magento Development India remains main goal here at Silicon Valley. It possesses a team of number of skilled and talented developers and designers providing their customized services to the user clients and delivering robust framework. Silicon Valley provides cost effective and optimum solutions for e-commerce websites as per the business structure and requirement of the client considering the time bound commitments and required services based of the level of expertise required by the client.

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4 Handy Tips to Take Your WordPress Website to the Next Level


Point is – Your WordPress website might be anything but difficult to redo and oversee and post your substance from (and on), however that substance will never be perceived or acknowledged without huge exertion on your part in the search engine optimization department.

In this post, I’ll give you a modest bunch of tips that will help you take your WordPress Website to the Next Level of online achievement – higher rank and more guests.

1. Linking

Internal linking refers to the practice of linking to your own domain’s pages to create a sort of intricate sort of spider web. Now this ‘web’ significantly improves the chances of all your posts to be indexed in the search engine, since they’re all interconnected, therefore easier and faster to access and crawl for the search bots/ spiders (that’s the real term!).WordPress 4.5 even has this element in the center now, where you can choose and sit tight for past post to show up in a drop-down rundown of proposals right from inside the TinyMCE post proofreader.

On the other hand, external links in your posts presents your readers to a kind of 3rd party evidence in support of your point. They also help establish your specific web page’s popularity (if you’ve linked to an external page).

2. Images

Images break visual monotony and can be used to solidify your point. They are processed significantly faster by the human brain than text, and they look pretty and catch attention. What’s not to like?

Make a point to include some full-width, high-res, logically proper, and very much improved pictures to your posts. Use EWWW Image Optimizer module to make the pictures lightweight, and include legitimate ALT labels upon transfer to WordPress media library to make them indexable.

3. SEO Optimization

Search Engine Optimization helps enhance your organic output and SERP (search engine results page) ranks. WordPress is a very SEO-friendly platform on its own (with all the titles, tags, taxonomies, templates, permalinks, metadata, and countless plugins to boost it all) but you need to spend time in configuring those plugins to get maximum results.

4. Performance Optimization

Load fast or go home. Seriously, on a largely mobile and super-fast world, absolutely no-one has the time to wait, grandpa.

There is particular way of optimizing your WordPress website for speed. Start with a good, lightweight theme, learn to thoroughly whet your plugins before installing them, and use

CDNs (preferably with DDoS protection just to amp security up at the same time) to improve WordPress performance.

Look up the blogs of some custom WordPress CMS development company to learn all about WordPress maintenance and more to make sure your website is always running in top form.

WordPress Developers India

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Magento Development: Switching over it from other eCommerce Platforms

magento website developers india

While planning to convert your business into a web store, developers have a list of eCommerce platforms to select from. There are a few stages which can send a great useful web store with the assistance of its a lot of components. It is up to the engineer to make a choice of the Development stage for this web store necessity. Selecting an eCommerce platform requires a thorough study of features and business requirements. Once that is done, he will be able to easily convert client business into live web store.

Magento eCommerce Development If we consider developer’s votes, almost withal go with Magento for developing an eCommerce web store. As Magento has its own range of features and functions which help web developers in online store development with reduced efforts then other platforms. Also they can switch their development platform to Magento, But for that they need to know how the conversion will be beneficial for a better store performance. Below are some features and functionalities of Magento, which will help web developers to clear their doubts.

Various Integration options

Magento not only lets developers integrate with store order management or ERP model but it also allows developers to communicate with Database and designs too by integrating APIs.

Supporting multiple sites

With Magento it is possible to run multiple stores at a time that too with a single installation. This can help any business to focus on its web store with a client centric approach. Client also has a wide range of options to compare products with the help of this feature.

Easy data communication

Magento can improve data management by sorting them and keeping as per different categories. Easy data management can increase store performance by responding quick on client requests. Import and export of data from database is smooth and accurate with magento development.

SEO optimized

Magento websites have better search engine optimization properties as it has clean URLs, Meta data and integrated code. Search engine optimization is one of the most important aspects while talking about online website or web store, as its visibility totally depends on the analysis and process quality of SEO. Better SEO can increase page rank for individual store.


Magento offers cost effective web development solutions as compared to other online development eCommerce platforms like shopify or Big Commerce.

These features are able to give a tough competition to other web development platforms. Magento also has a wide range of templates which are ready to use, they can be easily integrated to develop a web store and also can be customized as per store requirements with a rich user experience.

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Top 5 Best PHP Frameworks worth Checking Out

Php frameworks web development

Technology experts and developers over the globe have been consistent in their perspectives of PHP being the all inclusive most loved in programming dialects. Driving more than 82% of the sites as of now, its fame stays unparalleled. PHP developers likewise profit by a scope of alternatives accessible to them, making it the second most well known dialect they like to work with. In the event that you are another PHP Developers, wish to investigate other PHP structures, or need to enlist the privilege PHP software engineer Sydney , this site is only for you.

In the event that you are feeling hindered by the sheer assortment of choices, you require not stress. Today, we display an accumulation of top PHP frameworks utilized widely over the world.

Codeigniter –The miniaturized scale framework offers a fast development web development environment. It is particularly suited for learners and PHP Development India who wish to execute speedier development with help of its wide rundown of libraries and enormously accommodating documentation. It offers extraordinary similarity with outsider application, and is subjected to regular upkeep to keep the variant stable.

Smarty – The Smarty web template system helps developers enhance coding productivity by advancing the Separation of Concerns (SoC) plan standards. It helps in simple alters of front end without influencing the backend. This thusly, altogether brings down upkeep costs for web applications developed on this layout framework – a truly savvy alternative for now’s businesses.

Cake PHP – This web application framework follows the MVC approach and facilitates quick code generation. A unique feature of Cake PHP Framework is the scaffolding ability that lets you configure prototypes to suit your needs. Its high performance security and in-built suite of functionalities like database and translation access, credential based validation, and caching makes it the perfect framework for enterprise grade commercial applications.

Laravel – Laravel currently sits pretty on top of almost any and every list of popular PHP frameworks. It offers a dual advantage to developers – first by way of trusted Symfony components, and secondly, with the meticulously tested reliable code libraries. Together, they help coders setup everything from micro sites to enterprise level customized web applications. Some of its other notable features include restful routing, inherent database version control, amazing third party integrations, powerful application logic, and MVC architecture.

Phalcon – This framework extends C functionality and is used extensively as a full stack PHP5 framework. For commercial applications that require a great degree of stability, security and scalability, Phalcon comes across as a dependable framework. Developers find it easy to get started with this framework and offers loose coupling to enable developers use individual components suited for their needs.

Symfony – One of the most active frameworks around, Symfony comes bundled with ORM and great technical documentation. With features like Event Dispatcher and Dependency Injector, it offers highly flexible configuration and can quickly adapt to your specific Symfony Development needs. Its latest version Symfony2 can be used as a standalone PHP micro framework.

Hope this online journal will limit down your choices significantly and guarantee that you choose the right-fit PHP Developers India for your project. In the event that you require more data on getting the privilege PHP ability on-board, you can read here on reasonable yet viable strides to contract PHP developers.

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How to create a Outsource website Development?


outsource web development

Creating your own website

In case you’re not a web developer, you require a decent format or a project for outlining websites to begin your own online business. Maybe somebody who has some specialized aptitudes, like to begin with an essential layout, and after that marginally change the code to adjust the websites to suit your necessities. Be that as it may, numerous moderately basic benchmark programs help you to plan a useful and flawless websites. Any individual who is searching for an agreeable program for the most part discovers best straightforward and instinctive Web Developers India . websites architects are frequently keep running on a stage WYSIWYG – What You See Is What You Get (What you see is the thing that you get). With WYSIWYG, you can without much of a stretch envision the final result and rapidly roll out improvements to the design of the site. With WYSIWYG you don’t need to comprehend the code of a site plan, you don’t get stuck and can’t turn out badly. Web Development will be exhibited in a perfect and simple to peruse design that does not require exceptional specialized aptitudes.

The cost of Designing and Developing a Website

The development of the website you can spend a little or a great deal of cash – it relies on upon you. The plenitude of free layouts exhibits a speedy hunt on Google, gives us certainty, however for the format settings, FTP, server, et cetera. It requires investment and some specialized expertise. For the individuals who want to concentrate on the business, there are basic and reasonable planner’s website. Silicon Valley offers gets ready for Outsource Web Development as low as $100/year – on any financial plan. Maybe you need to figure out how to create website, however in the event that you choose the Web Designer destinations from Silicon Valley, then during the time spent preparing, you will never be left without help. Experienced website designers from our client administration once a day will help you in taking care of issues, to accelerate the dispatch of your site. To get in touch with them, you can basically make a telephone call. This is one of the advantages that give a little cost to pay for the making of a website.

Creating a website for mobile devices

More than 50% of searches performed on the Internet from a mobile device, and the number is expanding step by step. As an individual website and a website for a business must be adjusted for mobile device, so that clients dependably been anything but difficult to work with him. On the off chance that you are searching for a website designer including mobile device, you should pay consideration on the capacity, which is called “responsive outline”. A site with responsive outline – it’s only a site, which consequently conforms to the measure of the gadget screen on which his scanning. Because of responsive outline you can make certain that the clients who visit your website to Smartphone’s and tablets, can simply as clients of desktop PCs, travel between various pages and find what they require.

Creating a website for e-commerce

Companies selling products via the internet, you require a website developer that permits you to make a shopping basket for an online store. For this situation, you require a framework that permits you to include items, oversee merchandise in stock and acknowledge Mastercards. Already, with a specific end goal to make sites that can deal with all the intricate logistics of an online store, business needed to utilize the costly services of a web developers india. These days, be that as it may, the way to create sites (e.g., Online Shop) turned out to be vastly improved, and you as an entrepreneur will be anything but difficult to set up your own particular website for e-commerce and make installments by means of the Internet.

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